Thursday, September 14, 2017

GivINg A Soul PropHEt His Due...REv. Al GREen REceives A 2017 Jimmie LUNceford Legacy Award!!!

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Yesterday I Had A Chance To Honor THE KINg Of Soul Music, Both Baby MakINg & Jesus LovINg, THE 1 & Only REv. Al GREen WITh A 2017 #JimmeLUNcefordLegacy Award For "A LIFETIME DEDICATED TO EXCELLENCE IN MUSIC & MUSIC EDUCATION" IN Front Of His CongREgation & Worldwide Fans, LITERALLY...IN A CITy Obsessed WITh Dead WhITe Man NaMEd ForREst & PREsley IT Is Good To Honor A True Soul BroTHEr iN LivINg Color!!! For 41 Yrs THE Good REv Al Has BEen PREachIN & SINgIN THE Word Of GOD @ Full Gospel Tabernacle, THE Church HE FoUNded, Right Down THE StREet From Elvis PREsley's Graceland IN WhITehaven IN MEmphis,TN...Al GREen Has THE UNITed Nations Of ChurcHEs, Most Of His VisITors ARE Not Only Out Of Towners But Also Folks VisITINg From OTHEr CoUNtries..Yesterday THEir WERE Folks From All Over THE Planet IN His Church: HE Had A U.S. Motor Cycle Gang; A Motor Cycle Club From France; A Busload Of High School Kids From Aspen, Colorado; A YoUNg Lady From Sicily; A Family From Japan; A YoUNg Couple From SpaIN; OTHEr Places INclude ChINa, Africa, England, Scotland, IREland, & Even Australia & Afghanistan!!! 


THERE WERE SoME MEmphis Folks THERE Too But Like 'THE Good Book' Says "A PropHEt Is Always WIThOut Honor IN His HoMEtown Among Family & Friends" Or SoMEthINg Like That...I AM Glad I Was Able To GIve Him His FloWErs While HE Can SMEll THEm...WITh That Said I Want To Encourage MOOR MEmphians To WITness This True UNiverSOUL TREasuRE IN Person, WE ARE LOSING TOO MANY OF THE GREATS THESE PAST SEASONS!!! REv. Al Is A GIFted PerforMEr, His Angelic Pipes ARE BlessINg Folks Via 'THE Word' & Song...Every SUNDay Feels Like REvival Plus You ARE Basically GettIN A FREe Concert From A True LivINg Legend...And IF You ARE REally Lucky REv. Al Will Lay His AnoINted Hands Upon You IN Prayer, Just Ask MY Mom Sis. Callie Herd...I Have INcluded Location & Church Services TiME in THE Photos...REv. Al Is WaITIN...May Your WEek BE Blessed WITh LOVE & HAPPINESS...


W.E. A.L.L. B.E. TV: My MoTHEr's Day EncoUNter WITh Al GREen #ThaArtivistThinks #ThoughtProvocateur


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